Protect yourself from recruitment fraud

Security breaches are prevalent. It’s important to protect yourself even when searching for a job. Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scam using the name of a company to offer fictitious job opportunities. These scams can include fake websites and job postings claiming to be from Oshkosh. People are often asked to provide personal information, and payments, to process applications for jobs that do not exist. While we continue to work to eliminate these risks, there are measures you can take to ensure you do not fall victim to recruitment fraud.   

We care about your safety

We understand how important and personal a job search is. Finding an employer who will help you reach your highest potential and care for you and your family is your top priority. Protecting yourself during this process is equally as important. Here is what you can expect from our recruitment process:

  • We will never ask for money or gift cards as part of the recruitment process.
  • You will always complete an interview via phone, video conference or in-person before we extend you an offer.
  • We will never ask for banking account information, login information, authentication codes or Social Security numbers before an offer is accepted. Only AFTER you accept a position and as part of the on-boarding process will we ask for that information.
  • You will never be asked to purchase any equipment such as a laptop, cellphone or computer using your personal credit card. We will provide the appropriate equipment to you.

Do you feel you have been a victim of recruitment fraud?